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My husband, got sick while on a trip to China. He visited a Doctor while he was there and the doctor told him he had most likely gotten sick on the plane or from the air pollution. He asked the doctor what he could do to protect himself in the future and the doctor said the only thing that he could do was to use a mask. My husband said, one of the masks that make you look like you are sick?  And the doctor responded, yep. When he returned home he told me what had happened.

I grew up in the countryside in Costa Rica. My favorite toys growing up were two hand me down dolls.  The clothes on the dolls were old and worn so anytime I could get my hands-on fabric scraps I would try to make them new outfits. Most of the time the scraps weren’t big enough for entire outfits so I started to make little scarfs for them.

When my husband mentioned what had happened and that there had to be something better than one of the white masks that make you look like you are sick, I thought back to the dolls and those scarfs and that’s when I came up with the idea. Something fashionable that could add a special touch to any outfit but that could also help protect you at the same time.

After we launched the Bioscarf we realized that our one of a kind design could be used for a lot more and that is how G95 came to life.

We hope you like it!