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"This is an awesome mask. Even in 200+ AQI I didn’t smell the smoke today. I’ve never had a mask fit so well, thank you so much for making it safer for me to be outside when I have to."

"OMG!! I never ever DREAMED I would be wearing your mask in fires!! I live where I had to load my car for evacuation for many hours in snowing ash and smoke! My face was red where the mask was not! I have now worn it IN THE CAR driving to my daughters and back. A government site gave wrong information when I returned. Crews who help make those determinations are only arriving this morning. No updates since Wednesday. Anyway I have worn it inside the house now for almost two days and sleeping all last night!! I take it off to eat and can smell the smoke!!! I told my friends and gave them your link!! I almost did not order because of the expense “for me” however, spirit, my Inner Being told me to “get it!” So HAPPY I DID!

Just wanted  you to know I APPRECIATE IT MORE THAN YOU CAN IMAGINE RIGHT NOW! i am certain this mask and my herbal pills, are making a Huge Difference that I have remained healthy at 71 with no breathing challenges living within all this extreme air pollution where we live right now. Almost two hours to my daughters in Beaverton and her air was only better in that there was not ash!!

Love and great APPRECIATION, if you want to use this or have me write a testimonial, just ask!! and you can use my name!! I LOVE this mask!!"

"If you didn't have good product's and killer customer support, I wouldn't have placed another order this morning. Thanks."

"The sent me some to try when my order was held up and I love my bio shield. They are amazing and my scarves will be great during cooler weather too when it looks like I have a scarf on and not really a mask. Love love"

"You guys have been working so hard these past months since the March lockdown ~ I put my order in when you had to completely recreate your entire production line due to the quarantine & through all of that you have communicated well... & come though above & beyond my expectations ~ including taking care of a further inquiry I had, based on those early months where everything was changing on you constantly... You honestly went above & beyond the call... So impressed with your integrity as a company ~ thank you ~ Mahalo ~ Take care..."

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