Several years ago, we began developing a special version of our filtration material. After we saw the damage discarded PPE was doing to our oceans worldwide in 2020, we put things into overdrive to bring that special material to market.

The result = The G95 Oceanshield. It is the world's first single-use mask made using 100% plant-based materials. Everything from the ear loops, to the nose bridge, and the G95 filtration technology built-in are all made out of plant-based materials.   

But we didn’t stop there.  Every Oceanshield will be delivered with our signature return system. When you are finished with them, return them to us free of charge so we can recycle them and make sure they don’t end up where they shouldn’t.

If by freak chance they fall out of the truck or you forget and put them in the trash because they are made out of plant-based materials, they will biodegrade in approximately 90 days. Lab tested & certified! 

For those of you out of the US these are FFP2 rated and we just submitted for FFP2 and CE registrations so you can use them all around the world!

Size: Medium/Large 

Quantity: Sold in packs of 30 

Fulfillment:  Orders take longer to ship with this product

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